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Charities and third‑sector organisations are constantly balancing the need for suitable tools with their limited resources.

On Radar is on a mission to enable you to do great work by:

  • getting more income through grants
  • making your existing people, financial and time resources go further

That's why On Radar Pricing is simple and transparent.

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Contact Management
Contacts 100 unlimited
Lists 20 unlimited
Emails unlimited unlimited
Send Emails close check
Grant Sourcing
Searches 1 pcm 8 pcm
Results 2 5

Grant searches are the number of projects you which you can search for grants. Results are the numberr of grant results shown for each search.

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How much is a Paid Subscription?

A Paid Subscription starts at just £20 per month for organisations with an income below £70,000 per year.

Subscriptions increase in steps with annual income up to a maximum of £80 per month for the largest organisations.

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